The Fast Track Fellowship is a key initiative of the Victorian State Government, and was developed as part of the Music Works package.

It is designed to strengthen the global reach, profile and capability of Victoria's music industry. It's delivered by the Association of Artist Managers (AAM) in partnership with the Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO).


Applications Open - FRIDAY 25 JANUARY 2019 (MIDDAY ADST)

Applications Close – FRIDAY 8 FEBRUARY 2019 (MIDNIGHT ADST)

Finalists Interview – FRIDAY 15 FEBRUARY (Face to face in Melbourne)

Successful Recipients Notified - WEDNESDAY 20 FEBRUARY

Fellowship Activities can be undertaken between MARCH 2019 - JUNE 2019


The manager recipient will be able to demonstrate:

  1. That they are recognised by the industry, and their peers, as mid-level professional music managers

  2. Membership of key industry organisations and / or documented professional experience of no less than three (3) years

  3. Currently Victorian based. Priority will be given to those that demonstrate at least two consecutive years of activity in Victoria, and further priority if managing Victorian artists

  4. An ongoing commitment to a professional artist management career eg personal investment through programs such as Control, The Seed, AAM Mentor Program or tertiary level music/business/marketing qualifications

  5. Why the market they intend to be based in (priority given to those with a supportive host organisation commitment in writing) is a priority

  6. How they intend to maximise the opportunity in that market before, during and after the placement

  7. How they can provide ongoing communication with Victorian industry whilst undertaking the fellowship

  8. Provide examples of how they can provide educational opportunities, post their trip, to support broader dissemination of their experience and knowledge to the Victorian industry

  9. Professional personal presentation and verbal/written communication skills

The host organisation will:

  1. Be high functioning global music management and/or music service delivery companies

  2. Commit to host the recipient for the two months

  3. Commit to provide professional networking opportunities

  4. Provide desk and office space (including costs of power, internet, office consumables) for two months

  5. Integrate the participant in to their workplace activities for a minimum of 38 hours a week whilst allowing them at least 20% of the time to be dedicated to the recipient’s existing business activities

  6. Understand their responsibilities and commit to expected outcomes


The successful recipient will receive no more than $20,000, with funding eligible to cover the following costs: flights, accommodation, on ground transport, visas, insurance, per diems and registration fees for professional industry events whilst in market.

Recipients will be expected to work on their own projects (providing there is no conflict of interest with the host organisation) for a minimum of 20% of business hours during a working week

Restrictions on the use of the funding:

  1. Applications cannot be made to both VMDO and AAM by the same applicant

  2. Recipients are not eligible for any other Music Works grants to support this project

  3. Funds may only be expended within the stipulated activity timeline

The successful applicant must return a signed funding agreement and supply a Tax Invoice (plus GST if registered for GST) before payment of the Fellowship can be made. Payment will be made in full prior to the commencement of the Fellowship activity.

Under the funding agreement, all funding recipients are required to provide VMDO with a comprehensive acquittal of their activities. The acquittal is due 4 weeks from the completion date of the activities. You are required to acquit against your original application.

Failure to submit an acquittal, or submission of an unsatisfactory report will render you ineligible to apply for further funding, and in instances where an acquittal shows that funding has not been used for the purpose specified in the original application, VMDO will seek the return of funds.


If eligible (as above) the applicant needs to complete application form by the due date clearly demonstrating how they meet the eligibility criteria and provide support material as required.

If shortlisted the applicant will need to attend a face to face interview in Melbourne on 15 February.

All decisions are final will be ratified with VMDO prior to offer.


A panel of two AAM representatives and a VMDO representative will undertake all application assessments and interview the final shortlisted applicants.


Applications will open on Friday 25 January and close at midnight ADST Friday 8 February 2019

You will need to provide the following information and supporting evidence in your application:

  • Full contact, organisation details, ABN, next of kin and passport information

  • Personal biography and career history (no longer than 2 A4 pages)

  • Comprehensive strategic plan identifying clear objectives for the activities to be undertaken

  • Clearly articulate the why the preferred host company/city/country and why now

  • Artist links, industry partners and career objectives for 2019-2021

  • Financial Budget

Contact Info

For all FAST TRACK enquiries or questions, please contact AAM Professional Development Manager Trina Massey -