Bigsound Managers Sanctuaries

As part of the AAM's commitment to the ongoing support and development of artist managers and with BIGSOUND, the biggest music business conference in Australia, we recognise the week is a 96 hour marathon of business, networking, music and learning like no other. The event can take its toll, physically and mentally, on artist managers who are pivotal to the outcomes, success and experiences, for not only themselves, but their artists – many of which make up the 270 showcases across 3 nights. 

We provide a quiet space exclusively for managers to use as they need during the day.

The AAM’s Executive Director, and her team, are on hand as go-to ‘tour managers’ for the managers. Managers can charge devices, grab some filtered water, a healthy snack, lie down in a dark space for a powernap, hug another manager, vent, ask for the closest music shop, vegan meal, chemist, hairdresser – heck they can even book a timeout massage! 

Resources and materials are also on hand to provide advice and referral services for mental health professionals. By destigmatising mental health and educating managers together, we build a strong, more resilient music industry.