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Dave Hume

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Current artists on your management roster: 

Little May

Paul Conrad


I also work for Boundary Sounds who represent:

Nicole Millar, Clubfeet, Wordlife, Indian Summer, Alexander Burnett & Moonbase Commander

Company Name (and website link): 

Twenty76 Management (https://www.facebook.com/twenty76mgmt)

*to be changed soon / rebrand

How did you get into management? 

I played in a band for several years around my uni days, and made a bunch of friends and contacts in the industry during that time. When the band combusted, I started helping some friends bands by putting them in touch with some of my industry contacts and helping them out. They then asked me to manage them, and around the same time I started working at Scorpio Music and that lead to me becoming involved properly in management.

What do you see as the biggest challenge in 2015 for artist managers and/or their artists? 

One of the biggest challenges for artist managers is expectation and workload management. The role of a manager seems to shift and change and always seems to expand. Their is more and more responsibility and expectation placed on the shoulders of managers and managing those expectations from artists, labels, agents and all external partners can be a challenge.

Another challenge is trying to be able to adapt with new technologies and processes to be able to keep our artists on the cutting edge of what is happening, especially in the digital space to try and protect and prolong their careers

What is your hot tip for getting started in artist management: 

Don’t do it! Haha.

Surround yourself with similar bright & ambitious minds and good people that are willing to learn, share and grow with you. Management can be quite lonely and scary at first, but there are lots of people in the same boat so reach out to them and build a community around you. AAM is a great community to be involved with as well.

What is your hot tip for helping/sustaining your artist management business: 

Being able to identify and address your own weaknesses and flaws. It’s not easy being critical of yourself, but it’s a great asset to have when you can. Once you’ve done this, don’t be afraid to seek help & assistance in those areas too. The stronger and more organised you are as a manager, your artists will benefit from that.

Name 2 people within the music industry who have helped you get where you are:

Hard to pick 2 as there’s a lot of people I could name.

Greg Carey / Joel Connolly –These two are a package deal so only count for one. They always listened to my dumb questions early on, and were good for a laugh and a great support mechanism in my early days and are now very great friends.

Bill Cullen – I was looking at co-managing my first artist with Bill. It fell through but we was always happy to impart advice & knowledge on to me, and was very supportive and encouraging of my foray in to the business side of music.

What are you currently listening to?

Currently - Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Next – Ariana Grande – My Everything

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