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Maggie Collins

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Current artists on your management roster:

I manage DZ DeathraysThe John Steel Singers and The Creases. Other artists on our roster are Jeremy NealeVelociraptorMany ThingsFeelings and Philadelphia Grand Jury.

Company name:

Fans Creative Management: http://fanscreativemanagement.com/

How did you get into management?

Did a Diploma in Music Industry (Business). Managing acts was a subject and it planted the idea in my head. I was looking for a back-up plan if I didn't make it as a radio presenter!

What do you see as the biggest challenge in 2015 for artist managers and/or their artists?

Competition to make your mark overseas. So many Aus bands are breaking through in international territories which is awesome, but it just means there's a lot more acts to compete with when it comes to everything from grant funding to festival slots, etc.

What is your hot tip for getting started in artist management:

Ask a band if you can manage them. If they say 'yes' - SUCCESS! Sorry for sounding facetious but this is exactly how I started managing all my bands. I learnt everything as I went along (with a little help from my peers in the industry, bless 'em). 

What is your hot tip for helping/sustaining your artist management business:

Remember that it's a business too, not just your bands' businesses that you manage. You need to put aside time for setup, structure and maintenance. Keeping on top of your financial plan is essential.

Name 2 people within the music industry who have helped you get where you are: 

1. Rob G at Select. He's the agent for The John Steel Singers and DZ Deathrays. He was very patient with me when I started out and showed me the ropes as we went along. I remember the first time he mentioned that a show fee for one of my bands might be $1000. That was the most we'd ever received and I was all like... "shit... we've made it!"

2. Danielle Caruana (aka Mama Kin). She is one of the Directors of the Seed Fund (formerly JB Seed), who put on annual management workshops which I attended in 2008. The biggest gift she gave me was confidence. She made me realise that I actually was on the right track and then facilitated an entire three days worth of workshops that filled my brain with all new info. We got along so well, that I've since been invited back a couple of times by the Butler crew to facilitate the panel myself! It's always an honour!

What are you currently listening to?

The triple j Unearthed Featured playlist. It's like the internet's homepage for new Australian music each week. It's very handy! https://www.triplejunearthed.com/

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