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Catherine Haridy

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Current artists on your management roster: 

Artists: JebediahEskimo JoeBob EvansAdalitaTigertown (co-managed)

Producers: Tony BuchenSteven SchramAnna LavertyJimi MaroudasIan Caple (ANZ) and Mick Glossop (ANZ)

Company name: 

Catherine Haridy Management

How did you get into management?

I crossed over from label world into management. I was part of the A&R team at once indie label Festival Mushroom where Eskimo Joe were one of the artists I'd signed. They'd just parted ways with their previous manager and looking for someone. 

It was a special time for the band. They were self-Producing a third studio album "Black Fingernails Red Wine" and I was spending alot of time at The Grove Studios where it was all happening.

It must have been the "few" subtle hints I'd dropped in conversation that planted the seed. They asked me nearing the end of the recording sessions, I accepted immediately without any hesitation and so began the craziest ten years of my working life in artist management.

What do you see as the biggest challenge in 2015 for artist managers and/or their artists? 

There are always a bunch of challenges before us but in no particular order, the two that immediately come to mind is the NSW Entertainment Act and the impact that 's had on both managers based in NSW and those who work with NSW based artists. 

The other would be the decimation of the Australia Council, and as a result, the availability of funds for artists and their managers to access in order to subsidise important career changing opportunities.

What is your hot tip for getting started in artist management:

Don't be afraid to ask questions: know that no matter how much you think you know, there's always so much more. 

Surround yourself with really amazing people: you're only as good as your artists vision for themselves and the team of people surrounding you both. 

Volunteer and intern: do as much of this as you can afford and learn what the profession entails. It's also a great way to expand networks within your community and the broader industry.  

What is your hot tip for helping/sustaining your artist management business:

Understanding business, communicating effectively and facilitating many different people's needs amongst a suite of many other things. 

Always seize opportunities as they arise and make the most of them. 

I was very careful not to overcommit the scant resources I had when I started out. Keeping things small and manageable is wise when you're trying to launch your first artist.

Name 2 people within the music industry who have helped you get where you are:  

Linda Bosidis, A&R Director at Mushroom Music Publishing who was (and still is) very generous with her time and connections.

Michael Parisi, Former A&R Director and MD of Festival Mushroom Records, who is now also a manager. He employed me in my first music role and supported me to have an A&R career at a time when there where no women in the role at any labels.

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