AAM Member Profile - Owen Field

Owen Field

Your Name: Owen Field

Membership category: Associate

State: NSW

Current artists on your management roster: Jimblah

Company name: Elefant Traks
How did you get into management? 

I started quite late in the industry actually. Originally I was in the tech space for five years or so and needed a change of pace and get out of the corporate environment. I always had a love of music and the live performance so I decided to retrain, get a degree and started interning for Elefant Traks. Over time, my skill set grew and so did my role in the label. I was looking after the logistics for artists managed at ET when I was introduced to Jimblah. After a gig up in Sydney, we hit it off and decided to go down the management route prior to his first album at the label.

What do you see as the biggest challenge in 2015 for artist managers and/or their artists? 

I guess this stems from the streaming discussion that happened earlier in the year. Getting a better understanding of the financial benefits of streaming services and what it means for the artists. The balance of financial gain vs exposure is an interesting conversation to have.
What is your hot tip for getting started in artist management: 

Do your best to get your head around some basic accounting skills. When it comes to touring, album budgets, grant submissions and marketing spend, it's something you're comfortable taking off the artists hands so that they can concentrate on their music.

What is your hot tip for helping/sustaining your artist management business:

Consider the music industry as the early adopters when it comes to innovation. Be it technology, music, etc. New products and ideas are constantly being introduced that might not be music industry focused, but make sure to think outside of the box when you see something that draws your attention. Anything that can potentially help the business, the artist or draw attention (in a good way).

Name 2 people within the music industry who have helped you get where you are: 

Rob Cannon - One of my lecturers at uni, still keep in touch with the guy whether for advice in the industry or to discuss Liverpool FC.

Tim Levinson - This guy... makes me think of the last scene in the Dark Knight Rises where Alfred see's Bruce in that cafe in Italy. Nothing but love and respect for him.

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