Tech Post: YouTube Cards

Make videos interactive to drive merch & ticket sales

YouTube Cards is designed to help content creators like musicians connect viewers to other offerings, such as tickets and merch.

Kind of like an extension of YouTube annotations (and soon to replace them), YouTube Cards allows artists to add clickable text overlays to their videos in a much cleaner way than annotations do.

There are six different types of ‘cards’ that users can use:

  • Merchandising
  • Fundraising
  • Video
  • Playlist
  • Associated Websites
  • Fan Funding.

Furthermore, these cards are compatible with both desktop and mobile-users, where as annotations were only available on desktop. Considering over 50% of YouTube viewers are from mobile, this is great news.

 The ‘Video’ and ‘Playlist’ cards allow users to see suggestions of other related YouTube videos that may be of interest to them, allowing them to discover and see new videos from your artists. It’s also a handy feature for record labels to link to videos across a roster.

Merchandising and associated websites are great to drive viewers to your artists website, ticketing, merch store or preorder outlet.

This service will also be supported by YouTube Analytics’ performance reporting, allowing you to access to in-depth information about which links and cards are most popular on each video.

Cards are super easy to setup too - just click on the “cards” button in your YouTube creator studio and follow the steps.

More info on the YouTube website

Article by Bolster Digital - Bolster Digital is a digital marketing agency for the music industry. They are writing a series of articles for the AAM to share some of the sweet things they come across in their daily digital explorations.

Colin McAlpine