You're probably already familiar with Bandsintown, the gig discovery & listing platform that allows you to list your artists' tour dates across the web & social media. But recent developments mean Bandsintown now also allows you to promote tours, events and releases via their 'promoter platform'. This portal lets you send a dedicated, customised email to music fans based on their music taste (right down to specific artists) and location (drill down from country through to city and radius). It's a powerful tool that is growing rapidly, as Bandsintown adds to their users month on month.

What can I use it for?

Just about anything you want to target music fans for! Including:

- Announcing a tour.

- Launching a pre-sale.

- Target likeminded artists' fans to introduce your artist.

- Drive wider awareness for a tour.

- Announce a new single/video.

- Promote album preorders & release.

- Drive last minute sales in the final weeks of a tour.

What are the numbers?

Bandsintown has over 12 million users worldwide and just over 300k in Australia. These users are people who've installed the Bandsintown app on their phones or have been added as a tracker of an artist via one of two methods - either clicking 'track artist' on an artist's social media page or using an algorithm based on a user's habits online surrounding an artist (streaming services, social media interactions).

What does it cost?

We'd recommend signing up for free - you can play around with the platform and see what sort of tracker numbers are available for your artists. It's a great research tool to see how engaged fans are in particular cities.

Sending out a dedicated email campaign will cost you, however it's pretty reasonable given the level of targeting on offer. 

Being located in the USA, Bandsintown charge in USD (AUD is coming soon apparently) and they have a minimum spend of $250 USD (approx $330 AUD) which allows you to email 5,000 people. The cost goes up from there at 0.05c (USD) per email - but it's up to you how many people you want to email, based on your budget. For example, emailing 10,000 people will cost you $500 (USD). If your budget is tight, they'll let you split the minimum spend across two cities, which is pretty handy for smaller tours.

Implemented Bandsintown's promoter platform in a cool way or know of something in the digital space that will help the community? Let's talk!

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Colin McAlpine