Tech Update: Instagram Advertising

Tech Post: Instagram Advertising

How to take your Instagram game to the next level with advertising

Instagram has just rolled out affordable advertising options to Australian artists, meaning that is easier than ever to capture the attention of your fans (and potential fans!). 

The platform is perfect for advertising tours, festivals appearances and new releases, with the photo-sharing network boasting a huge 300 million monthly active users (70% of these outside of the USA) and 2.5 billion photo likes each day. That’s a lot of double tapping going on!

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Here’s why we’re stoked to use Instagram for music advertising: 

  • The perfect platform: Instagram is the world’s largest mobile advertising platform, and approximately 21% of all Australians have an Insta account. Music is also the fifth top interest for Australian Instagram users, with 32% of Aussie ‘grammers following music-related accounts.  
  • Granular targeting: As Instagram adverts are run off Facebook Ads Manager, you can be just as niche and granular with who you target. You can serve an ad about an east coast tour to the the band’s fans and friends who are 18+ and live in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, excluding anyone who has already bought a ticket. Or you can show an ad with a 10-second snippet from a yet-to-be-released music video to only EDM subscribers to promote an album pre-order. 
  • Highlighting gorgeous visual content: The best advertising is engaging and visual, and the Instagram newsfeed just lends itself to awesome imagery and video content. This could be a recognisable press shot of the band, an album pack shot (to increase awareness/recognition of the release), a vid of the band performing live or a behind-the-scenes pic of a band autographing LPs (linking out to a vinyl purchase/pre-order).
  • High share of voice: Unlike publisher websites and Facebook, Instagram ads fill the screen and don’t have to compete with other advertising.
  • Ability to link out: One major gripe that marketers have with Instagram is not being able to link normal posts to websites. Insta ads are a great workaround, with a special call-to-action button (e.g. BOOK NOW or DOWNLOAD) that will link out to the landing page of your choice. No more having to convince fans to check out the link in your bio!
  • Reinforce the messaging on your own profile: If your artist already successfully uses Instagram to share organic, exclusive content and connect with their fans, it makes sense to cement this with advertising that has a clear to call-to-action. A fan that click LIKED on behind-the-scenes photos of a band recording an album might need an extra push that could come as an ad linking straight out to iTunes.

Want to take your artists tour or release to the next level with instagram? Get in touch. 

Article by Bolster Digital – Bolster Digital is a digital marketing agency for the music industry. They are writing a series of articles for the AAM to share some of the sweet things they come across in their daily digital explorations. 

Colin McAlpine