New Board Members Elected


Greg Carey (Umbrella Music – Ruben’s, Cloud Control, Urthboy), Claire Collins (YesYou, Art vs Science, Vydamo) and Ben Preece(Mucho Bravado – Hungry Kids of Hungary, Ball Park Music) will join the board of directors that already includes, Bill Cullen, Briese Abbott, Denny Burgess, Buzz Bidstrup, Tom Harris and Catherine Haridy. 

The board took the opportunity to also meet on Friday to assign the board structure for 2013, including reelecting Cath Haridy to Chairperson, Briese Abbott as Vice Chair and Tom Harris from White Sky as Treasurer.

The board members standing down this year included Kim Thomas, Gregg Donovan and Heath Bradby – the AAM would like to recognise the outstanding contributions to the organisation each member provided. Including Kim Thomas who was fundamental in the establishment of the AAM.

Retaining Chair Person, Cath Haridy says; “This year the AAM farewells Gregg Donovan, Kim Thomas and Heath Bradby from the board – we are grateful for their outstanding contribution to establishing the AAM as the peak body for artist management,”

“This year we’re lucky to welcome three young, active and high profile managers who’ll bring the AAM into it’s next phase of industry development” Haridy continued.

Vice Chair, Briese Abbott reflected on the year “It’s been a busy year for the AAM, we launched a website, a mentoring program and had a presence at most national conferences, with the new board in place we’re already looking at the projects to work on in 2013.”

The AAM will launch a Patron’s program to capture the skills, profile and contribution that each past-board member has contributed to the association. 

Colin McAlpine