Launch of new Indigenous Managers Fund


The Jimmy Little Managers Fund will include a mentor program, membership to the AAM for ongoing support, resources and advice as well as a travel fund and regional workshops, with the ambition to invest in and empower more Indigenous operators in the industry.


The fund is endowed by Warner Music Australia who worked closely with Jimmy Little releasing his albums on Festival Records, and supported and advised by AAM board member Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup - Uncle Jimmy’s long time manager and now CEO of the Jimmy Little Foundation.


Warner Music Australia Managing Director Tony Harlow said, “Jimmy Little was one of Australia's greatest artists and his loss has left behind a huge hole in both indigenous and country music.”

“In his lifetime Jimmy's contribution to the music of Australia and to its Aboriginal communities cannot be captured in words alone. Jimmy stood as an inspiration of what was possible and a standard to aspire towards. The people he touched, directly or indirectly, through his music and the Jimmy Little Foundation would stretch from one end of this vast land to the other,” Harlow said.

“Jimmy has been extensively honoured by the industry and by his peers. But it is appropriate and fitting for Warner Music Australia to acknowledge the fact that Jimmy always focused on "giving back" and we are proud to collaborate with his family and foundation to provide a long standing legacy that will reflect his work and contribute to ensure that it continues,” Harlow adds.


“Jimmy Little was a truly remarkable man. Throughout his life he was always helping those less fortunate than himself and the establishment of the Jimmy Little Foundation and our nutrition education program called Uncle Jimmy Thumbs up! was just one of the many ways he gave back to the community.” Says Buzz Bidstrup, CEO Jimmy Little Foundation,

“But music was his life; he called it the universal language of love and we had talked many times about how fantastic it would be if there could be a fund like this available to mentor Indigenous managers and to help bring Indigenous musicians and their music into the mainstream. Thanks to Warner Music and the AAM I’m proud to be able to help make Jimmy’s dream a reality.”


“The AAM is truly honored at this opportunity to invest in the Indigenous music community around Australia,” says AAM chairperson Catherine Haridy, The AAM will facilitate the 15-year commitment from Warners Music Australia and the Jimmy little Foundation through the program delivery year to year;

“We’ve recognised the need for more behind the scenes Indigenous industry operators, namely managers and agents and are thankful to Warner for providing such a long term commitment to the sector.” Haridy continues, “We’re looking forward to seeing an increasing role and number of Indigenous managers in the music industry.”

The program launch will happen at Darwin’s iNTune conference on Friday June 21 and shortly after that will open applications for the Indigenous managers mentor program. Please keep an eye on for more information.

Friday June 21
3.45 - 4.30 pm
Darwin Convention Centre

AAM Managers Panel, supported by the Jimmy Little Fund
Speakers: Cath Haridy (Eskimo Joe, Adalita, Stephen Schram), Mark Smith (Sietta, Damn Moroda), Clara Iaccarino (Mama Kin, Tinpan Orange), Rowan Robinson (Seth Sentry, Xavier Rudd), Buzz Bidstrup (Jimmy Little Foundation)
Facilitated by Meg Williams (AAM)

Launch of Jimmy Little Managers Fund and NT Chapter of the AAM
4.45 – 5.45 pm
The Precinct

7 Kitchener Drive
Darwin Waterfront
Refreshments provided

One on One meeting with the speakers are available throughout the conference, please email for more information.

The Jimmy Little Managers Fund is funded by Warners, supported by the Jimmy Little Foundation and facilitated by the Association of Artist Managers.

Colin McAlpine