Book your place at APRA|AMCOS Roadshows in October 2013

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The Roadshows will be covering important proposed changes and new initiatives that may affect royalties, as well as a variety of other topics including the licensing of digital music services in Australia and Asia

Brett Cottle, the CEO of APRA AMCOS, and Senior Membership Team, Sally Howland and Milly Petriella, will be on hand to answer your questions.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • APRA's licensing and distribution practices applicable to concerts and live performances generally.
  • APRA's administration costs: their calculation and application to licensing revenue "pools".
  • The use of music recognition technology by APRA as a substitute for existing music use reporting systems.
  • Digital Music Services: how they are licensed in Australia and how they will be licensed in Asia.


 There will be a brief discussion paper prior to the Roadshow events so you can familiarise yourself with what exactly is being proposed.

 To book a slot in your chosen city please click the appropriate link below:







Colin McAlpine