Tech Post: Bandman

The group management platform easing timetable coordination

Trying to coordinate the timetable of multiple people can be tricky, let alone a group of musicians who don’t do music full time and/or play in multiple acts.

Checking your band members’ availabilities when trying to lock in a gig offer is a painful process that managers know all too well. 

Everyone has their method of managing this process - emails, shared calendars, Facebook groups, whatsapp, iMessage groups etc.

We recently came across a new web app called “Bandman” created by a Melbourne based developer and musician, which aims to make group management easier.

All controlled from a central web browser interface, as a manager (especially of multiple acts) you can send a group SMS to individual band members with date & location info for the band member to send a quick reply. Bandman then allocates that information against each member for the manager to get a quick availability overview. 

Whilst it’s still a relatively new app that is developing features bit by bit, it shows some promise toward helping alleviate this tricky pain point.

They offer a 60 day free trial and a dedicated iPhone app is in the works too.

As a special offer to AAM, they’re also giving 100 free texts. Use the code “AAM2015”.

Check it out at:


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Colin McAlpine