AMRAP needs your help


The Australian Music Radio Airplay project (Amrap) is a critical initiative that promotes and distributes new Australian music to community radio stations around the country. In the 2012-2013 federal budget the government failed to renew it's funding commitment, and now Amrap's future is looking as bleak with an 'end of the year' forseeable close. 

Amrap has been integral in fostering Australian music on our airwaves, they've facilitated a 5% jump in Australian music being played on community radio - reaching a new average of 37%, supported 25 community stations to deliver grant funded contemporary Australian music projects - including live recordings and have helped 1,500 broadcasters from 300 stations access new music for airplay from over 3,000 Australian musicians.

The AAM have forwarded on letters urging local MP's, the Arts Minister and Communications Minister to support the cause and make it known that the music industry thrives on the work of Amrap. There are a number of ways YOU can get involved as well;

  1. Write to your local MP, Amrap have made it easy for you.
  2. Sign the Greens MP Stephen Ludlam's petition here
  3. Spread the word: forward to your friends, share on facebook, shout out on Twitter. 

The mid year financial review is fast approaching, the entire music industry will be affected by the loss of Amrap - including less Australian music on our airwaves, an increased distance felt  - particularly by regional and remote stations - whose access to music is shut off and a major step backwards for audience development and engagement with new Australian music. It's time to get involved! 

Posted by

Colin McAlpine